anticolonialisme, antiracisme, antisémitisme, antisionisme

New forms of antisemitism in contemporary France

by Yana Grinshpun

This talk was given on April 12th 2021 for the Institute of the Study of Contemporary Antisemtism, Indiana University Bloomington

This talk is divided into three sections:

-The first section introduces the social and philosophical framework explaining the emergence of what is called “new forms of antisemitism”. Convergence of three movements: post-Marxism, “third world” discourse, theory of “deconstruction” of the western world by the extreme left will be discussed. In this perspective, Israel is regularly presented as a Jewish nationalistic « colonial » country.

-The second part of the talk discusses the transformation of classical antiracism into denunciation of islamophobia, colonialism and presentation of Israel as the last colonial country in the world practicing « apartheid ».

-Finally, the last part of the talk comments on most lethal attacks against Jews in recent years and discusses Traore Kobili’s trial.

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