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But who is Mossad or the silence of the media lambs

Yana Grinshpun

The automn has arrived with its ideological tribulations. How wonderful it was to spend some weeks far from urban troubles, academic (and other) lefties, religious (Islamic) twists and turns and all this bric-à-brac. But reality, having an annoying custom to remind about itself when one is expecting it least of all, is here, the media continue their regular procedures of concealing the information. Today it is all about the absence of the syntactical agent, which, in some cases, matches with a real one.
Le Figaro, Franceinfo and C° publish this.

« Attentat déjoué contre l’opposition iranienne en France: ce que l’on sait

« Terror attack against Iranian opposition thwarted in France: what we know

And what we know is that a couple of Belgian citizens of Iranian origin was planning a terror attack in Villepinte, not that far from Paris, to harm an annual gathering of the opponents to the actual Iranian regime. What we know is that, for instance, Rudy Giuliani had to be there  as well as some other personalities close to Trump had to be there. What we also know is that France is one of the leader European countries to strive to keep unchanged the nuclear deal with Rohani, whereas Trump declared it was insane to deal with Iran.

So, what’s so embarrassing in the avoiding the terror attack prepared by Iranians against the opponents? And who thwarted it?

Several things: one of which is explicitly mentioned in the media. If the role of Iran is proved in the organization of this attack, Macron would be obliged to react and he will have difficulties to defend the Iranian nuclear deal. And this will severely upset our national amateur of the Islamic Republic. Rohani suggested Macron a way to get out, calling the opponents’ gathering « a terrorist gathering”.  The usage of this expression shows how well our ideological enemies from the Islamic world use the terms that refer to the commonly accepted value: « terrorism is bad ». Thus, the opponents to Rohani’s regime (National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) as they call themselves), are called « terrorists » by Rohani himself. The same Rohani who supplies arms to Hezbollah, helps Assad in Syria and encourages all forms of terrorism against Israel. It’s true that amongst this gathering, a group known as MEK (Mujahedin-eh-Khalk) has been recognized as a terrorist group by the US and by Europe till recently.


Nevertheless, this way of language usage reminds the discursive trick of our occidental pro-Palestinian media who regularly call Palestinian terrorists « resistance or freedom fighters » or « desperate youth », or “popular revengers”.

But there is another annoying fact in this affair, upon which the French media is silent as a lamb or even more: the lambs, at least, can bleat.

The attack has been avoided thanks to the collaboration of the western intelligence services with Mossad agents.

Israel says it foiled Iranian-sponsored bomb attack in France
 » On Thursday, authorities in Israel announced the lifting of a blanket censorship decree that prevented local media from discussing the country’s role in helping the Europeans foil the alleged bomb attack in Paris. According to Israel’s Channel 2, a private television station based in Jerusalem, the Iranian attack was prevented after the Israeli agency Mossad detected the whereabouts of several suspects involved in it. The Mossad then supplied Germany, Belgium and France with intelligence that led to the arrests of some of those suspects. However, Channel 2 said that the Israeli government did not give a reason for the initial censorship imposed on the country’s media, nor did it explain why it had decided to lift it. »
Or else

« The Mossad said to have thwarted an Iranian plot to attack a gathering of Iranian dissidents in a Paris suburb in June. On Thursday, Israel lifted censorship on the publication of the operation. The Mossad gave Germany, France and Belgium crucial intelligence information about the attack, which led to arrests of a cell headed by an Iranian diplomat.
The opposition rally was due to include a speech by U.S. President Donald Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani. According to news reports, Mossad agents tracked down suspects in several countries. »
So why, nothing of this appears officially in the French media? Of course, one can say who cares who saved human lives, the important thing is that people are safe.
The problem is in the media practice of concealment as for Israel and its very role in helping human lives all over the planet. Israel lately helped 422 White Helmets (the name given to the Syrian organization “Civil Syrian Defense”, the Sunnite group that intervenes in war zones in Syria to help victims of Assad regime.
Even the habitually anti-Semitic The Guardian mentions it:
Reuters doesn’t feel embarrassed to mention Israel’s help either.
Jeremy Hunt, UK foreign minister, tweets

FollowFollow @Jeremy_Hunt
« Fantastic news that we – UK and friends – have secured evacuation of White Helmets and their families – thank you Israel and Jordan for acting so quickly on our request. The WH are the bravest of the brave and in a desperate situation this is at least one ray of hope »
1:17 AM – 22 Jul 2018

Silence in the French media, no mention of the role the Israeli Army played in the operation, and, if a curious reader looks at the map, he’ll see that without Israel nothing would be possible and Syrian refugees couldn’t join Jordan.
So why not to inform the readers, who are already shaped by the eternally anti-Sionist  brainwashing of our press? Why not to contribute to the improvement of the image of Israel, seriously damaged by a patient work of the press since 1967 (well, more exactly,  since the first day Israel exists).
One of the next posts will be about all these reasons, but here I limit myself to the following explanation:

Israel has been “constructed” by the French media as an enemy number one, the Nation that doesn’t have a right to exist where it exists, the incarnation of the Evil and the oppressor of « weak and defenseless » Palestinians. This country embodies the following « crimes » against human Progress:
Nationalism (unsupportable crime for a huge part of our multicultural European elite who renounces to its French heritage )
Judaism (the sectarian religion of a few who thinks they are chosen people: Gaulle (November 1967): »people sure of himself and arrogant dominator),
Zionism (official ideology of Israel state who states that Judaism is not only a religion but a nationality, and that Jews have to have their homeland in their ancestral land, like Russians in Russia or French in France).
The European media like only dead Jews, preferably in the Shoah, in the concentration camps. But alive and living in Israel, they are presented as an unsupportable enemy. This is the image circulating in the media discourses and shaping a collective representation of the public. Such French researches as L. Poliakov and P.-A. Taguieff have relentlessly shown this ideology in their works.
If the media would suddenly change this image in a positive representation (saving people, helping refugees, foiling terror attacks, contributing to scientific resarch in all fields of human endeavor), the journalists would discredit themselves in the eyes of the readers. Imagine Le Monde or Libération whose speciality is to depict Israelis as cruel oppressors and a mob of unruly soldiers  make an article about scientific achievements in Israeli Research Centers, or the number of Nobel prices Israel counts since the establishment of the State,  or about a percentage of Palestinian students in Israeli Universities what would the readers think? Either that they were cheated during years or that the national press has become pro-Sionist and this is a crime that this press relentlessly denounces on its columns!
Another important reason is that the French Press Agency  (AFP) is a governmental organization, and it presents the information delivered by the Minister of Foreign Affairs which is clearly anti-Israeli. Any information that could be beneficial to the image of the state of Israel has to be concealed. In the affaire of White Helmets, the French foreign Minister has published the following:
« Grâce à une forte mobilisation internationale, un groupe de Casques blancs et leurs familles a pu quitter aujourd’hui la Syrie où leur sécurité était gravement menacée. La France s’est activement associée aux démarches conduites avec plusieurs partenaires pour permettre le succès de cette opération. Ce groupe de Casques blancs et leurs proches se trouvent actuellement en Jordanie, où ils sont pris en charge par le Haut-commissariat aux réfugiés des Nations unies. Les démarches nécessaires à leur réinstallation dans des pays tiers sont en cours. La France est prête à contribuer à l’accompagnement et à la protection de ces personnes et de leurs familles. La France a apporté un soutien constant à l’organisation des Casques blancs, engagés volontaires au service de la population syrienne dans les pires circonstances. La France rend hommage au courage et au dévouement dont ils ont toujours fait preuve et que beaucoup d’entre eux ont payé de leur vie. » 
France is congratulating herself and Jordan for the successful rescue operation though she didn’t play any role in it, and the release doesn’t mention Israel in any place. As if it didn’t exist. About this « absent-mindedness » of France, see the following article (in french)
As for thMossad, it doesn’t exist either, and the terror attack has just been thwarted by miracle.

The impossibility to name Israel, to pronounce the name of this country officially is a psycho-socio-ideological problem of the French diplomacy, and as a consequence, of the national media. Because naming a country means its recognition and it doesn’t seem to be acquired by everybody here. The principle of non-existence : something that doesn’t have a name doesn’t exist.  Putin uses this procedure with his opponents, for example , he never talks about  neither mentions  Alexei Navalny, the most famous Putin critic in Russia. As if the latter didn’t exist. No name, no person. As simple as that. (For a moment).

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